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Category: Adventure
Size: 303 Kb
Sponsor: newgrounds
Submitted 07/20/2009 by: flashpal
    In this super short 'Imbecile Game of the Day' you guide Super Chuck Norris through the Super Chuck Norris World and save the loveley princess. Or not.
    Arrow keys.
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174.58.203. xxx (9 months ago)
This game is stupid... XD its tru!! who wants 2 go destroying ppl & random stuff?!? <3, Alex
24.84.246. xxx (03/27/2013)
74.58.64. xxx (11/13/2012)
morons this game is in the same category as the chuck norris jokes... if you still don't get it don't worry, evolution will delete you soon enough
175.137.49. xxx (11/12/2012)
i<3 9MINE

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